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Writing Task 1: The Maps

The maps detail the changes to the layout of a public library between 20 years ago and present day.

Overall, Central Library has been modernized with the introduction of several new facilities to cater to a wider range of customer needs.

20 years ago, there were 2 round tables, each seating 8 people, in the middle of the library but they have been removed today. When you walked through the entrance of the library in the past, an enquiry desk where you could buy tickets and return books would be located immediately to your right; however, a new cafe has been built in this area now. The children’s books section located in the top right corner of the map has also been replaced with a new lecture room. While the space between children’s books and enquiry desk was reserved for adult non-fiction books before, it is now used for adult fiction books, an information desk and new self-service machines.

Looking to the left side of the map, a new computer room has been added next to the entrance, which necessitated the removal of the old reading room where people could read newspapers and magazines. The section in the top left corner of the map where there used to be CDs, videos, and computer games has been expanded. There are now 2 sofas, a section for children’s fiction books and a space for storytelling events in this area. Lastly, the space between these two sections used to be reserved for adult fiction books but now, it is reserved for reference books.

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Writing Task 2:

In many countries around the world, rural people are moving to cities, so the population in the countryside is decreasing. Do you think this is a positive or a negative development?

Essay Useful Language Rural decline is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon around the world as people leave their hometowns to move to metropolises. In this essay, I argue that this trend has a positive influence on the lives of some individuals but it also gives rise to a host of large-scale adverse consequences on rural and urban societies.

From an individual standpoint, leaving the countryside can be a positive change for those who want to seek a better life in cities. Simply put, unsatisfied with farm work in the rural area, many young people decide to uproot their lives and go to cities to find alternative career paths with better pay and upward mobility1. Many of them succeed in this goal and are more satisfied with their living standard.

Nonetheless, increased depopulation in rural regions can also stifle2 their economic growth. As more and more people migrate from the countryside to urban centers, most of whom are young people in working age, businesses will have a tougher time finding employees and customers. Furthermore, a smaller population often means that the local governing bodies and committees of these areas will be allocated3 less government funding. This can translate to a slow deterioration4 in the quality of public services and infrastructure5, such as road systems, education and healthcare, negatively impacting the overall living standard of those who remain behind.

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Along with the detrimental impacts on rural life, the mass exodus from the countryside has several negative implications6 that extend to big cities as well. In terms of environmental impact, the influx7 of new immigrants means that there will be more domestic waste and harmful emissions, which can further exacerbate8 the problem of pollution. Socially, price hikes9 in basic services, such as housing or food, resulting from an increased demand can put a lot of people in financial stress and potentially spark social unrest10.

In conclusion, I am of the opinion that although migrating to cities and suburban areas can prove beneficial for some individuals, it negatively impacts many different areas of rural and city life. Governments should take steps to make rural life more attractive to counteract these effects.

1. upward mobility (n): sự thăng tiến

2. stifle (v): kìm hãm, ngăn chặn

3. allocate (v): được phân cho, phân bổ

4. deterioration (n): sự xuống cấp, sự trở nên tồi tệ hơn

5. infrastructure (n): cơ sở hạ tầng

6. implication (n): hệ quả, ảnh hưởng liên đới

7. influx (n): sự đổ xô đến

8. exacerbate (v): làm cho tồi tệ

9. price hike (n): giá cả leo thang

10. social unrest (adj): bất ổn, bạo động xã hội

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